The Barber Cologne conjures in the cathedral city a dream hairstyle to match your hair and your personal style.

Whether short, medium length or long hair, your hairdresser Cologne You are always in expert hands. With us you will not get any hair off the shelf, but a hair styling to match your type and your personality.

We advise the haircut as for coloration, give you care tips and look together with you, what hairstyle best suits you. Make an appointment with your hairdresser Cologne and let yourself be surprised by our abilities.


Perfect Haircut by hairdresser in Cologne.

A fashionable hairstyle reflects the refined personality. With an optimal haircut Your hairdresser Cologne conceals small weaknesses in the hair structure and gives your hairstyle stand and fullness. Our well trained and professional team dominated reliable current trends for a fashionable haircut.


The hairdresser Cologne is as usual clear and high quality in the salon in Cologne.
The high quality of the products is the nuts and bolts for the service quality at the hairdresser. Therefore, you can expect a range of prime and tested for quality hair care products at your hairdresser Cologne. Whether shampoo or conditioner, pack, conditioner or spray for a perfect finish, we offer exclusively hairdressing products at a high level.

Of course, this high standard also applies to the hair color, extensions, and other products that we use. The equipment at your hairdresser Cologne are technically mature and go softly and gently to your hair. Whether brush or comb, hair dryer or drying hood, your hair will make your hairdresser Cologne only the best equipment with satisfaction guarantee.
Current videos and events about our salon in Cologne you can view on YouTube.
It may not always be a short haircut to sit with a neat hairstyle new accents. Therefore offers the hairdresser Cologne creative fashionable hairstyles for medium length, longer and very long hair. Sometimes it is a targeted set streak in her hair, an asymmetric cut on the sides or perfectly cut peaks and a cheeky pony that give longer hair a personal touch. Your hairdresser Cologne advises on small hairstyle tricks for an even more beautiful styling for the Nachfrisieren at home.

Gentle perming the hairdresser Cologne

Would you like for your hair body and volume, offers hairdressing Cologne a classic perm with a modern twist. The contemporary perm technology in our modern salon allows the most beautiful curls gently and softly. Whether wild curly mane or gentle waves, sweet Kringellöckchen or an elegant curly hair to high Insert your hairdresser Cologne is the right address for a perfect perm. Sign up for an appointment in our salon on, bring a little time and let yourself be pampered by your hairdresser Cologne with a perm. You can relax and browse in one of our current hairstyle magazines and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of Prosecco on your new permed hair.

For Barber Cologne because of Coloration

For your hair coloration offers your hairdresser Cologne a wide range of great colors for a fresh look at current nuances. Of course we use in our salon in the dyeing only high quality and gentle hair hairdressing products. Whether mysterious black or smooth brown, a shade of red or blond naughty in all its charming facets, your hairdresser Cologne has your face and your type flattering color for you. If you just fancy a new nuance or want to treat themselves with complete gray coverage a makeover on her head, the barber Cologne for every need the right solution. In addition to a complete coloration of the entire hair Your hairdresser Cologne's creative specialist for expressive highlights in different colors. Put yourself in the capable hands of our employees and marvel after Coloration the fantastic result in the mirror.

Festive hairstyles at the hairdresser Cologne

Special occasions require an equally special hairstyle. Whether you want to shine on a ball with perfectly coiffed hair or wish a magical wedding hairstyle for the most beautiful day of your life, we from Barber Cologne team will style your hair perfectly. We shoot curls, your hair stuck with decorative combs and other accessories high and work when needed invisibly an elaborate hairpiece. Artificial hairpieces made of high quality real hair we have also in our range as fashionable Extensions for more body and volume to your hair style. Please contact us on the possibilities for improving your hair optics offers the hairdresser Cologne.

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting at the hairdresser Cologne

As Barber Cologne with a comprehensive service for your good looks, we have in addition to the maintenance and design of your hair a number of extras for you on offer. So you can pluck and color the eyebrows and let color additionally, the lashes for a perfect outfit. Our ambition as a hairdresser Cologne is to make you perfectly styled to dismiss from our salon. Because satisfied customers who like to come back, are the calling cards of our salon. Take today contact your hairdresser to Cologne and make you like an appointment.


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